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Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: Making Phone Photos Better with Smart Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S24
Samsung Making Phone Photos Better with Smart Zoom AI                Photo Credit: Samsung

People are getting really excited about the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. The big company is teasing cool camera stuff with the tagline "Zoom with Galaxy AI." They want to make the cameras even better than the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which already has super zoom.

    Reviews of AI new feature of Samsung Galaxy S24 series

    Teaser Videos Showing Smart Zoom:

    Samsung put up three videos on its website to show off the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's cool zoom, thanks to Galaxy AI. The first video is like a camera getting close to a hot air balloon, and you can see people inside. It's like magic zoom! This might be the ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace thing.

    Video Credit: Samsung

    The second and third videos show how you can make things bigger in your photos without making them blurry. It's like when you use your fingers to zoom in on a picture, but even better. This is the Galaxy AI doing its tricks.

    Video Credit: Samsung

    Camera Specs:

    Some secret info says the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will have four cameras. The main one will have 200 megapixels, which is like having a really, really good eye. There's also a wide-angle camera, a zoomy one with 10 times zoom, and another zoomy one for portraits with 5 times zoom. The front camera will have 24 megapixels.

    It can also do cool things like 5 times zoom when recording videos in super quality and 10 times zoom for a special mode called Single Take. You can even take cool pictures of people with 5 times zoom.

    Galaxy Unpacked Event:

    Samsung will show off the new phones on January 17 at their special event. If you're super excited, you can already tell Samsung you want one by making a reservation.

    Phone Brain Details:

    The Samsung Galaxy S24 will have a special brain called Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for some versions. In other places, like far away, it might have a different brain called Exynos 2400.

    Smart Focus in Galaxy S24 Series: Samsung really likes using smart computer stuff in their phones. The videos show how smart the zoom is in Samsung the Galaxy S24 series. It's like the phone can think and make pictures look awesome.

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    Cool AI Tricks:

    The videos say the Galaxy S24 series will have cool tricks with AI. It's like having a helper to make your pictures better. Maybe you can make things bigger in your photos or take out stuff you don't like, like magic.

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    Final Thought

    Samsung is going big on making phones even better with smart AI in the Galaxy S24 series. The cameras are going to be amazing, and people can't wait to see them on January 17. If you really, really want one, you can tell Samsung now and even get $50 in Samsung Credit. Get ready for awesome new phones!

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