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New Samsung Galaxy S24 Phones: Cool Photo Editing Like Google Pixel 8

New Samsung Galaxy S24
New Samsung Galaxy S24 Phones: Cool Photo Editing Like Google Pixel 8 Photo Credit: Samsung

The excitement is building as Samsung gears up for the launch of its latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series, comprising the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and the top-tier Galaxy S24 Ultra. Leaks and rumors have been circulating online, offering a sneak peek into the innovative features awaiting users. Among the exciting revelations is the incorporation of advanced AI features, with a focus on enhancing the photography experience with Samsung Galaxy S24.

    Complete Details of the New Samsung Galaxy S24: 

    Smart Photo Editing: Generative Edit Takes the Lead

    According to information leaked by tipster Arsène Lupin (@MysteryLupin), the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is poised to introduce a groundbreaking smart photo editing feature called Generative Edit. This feature appears to be in league with Google's Pixel 8 series, boasting a tool named Magic Editor. Generative Edit goes beyond simple edits, allowing users to seamlessly move or remove objects and fill empty spaces with smart edits.

    A noteworthy aspect of this feature is its requirement for users to log in to their Samsung accounts and stay connected to the internet. This implies a cloud-based functionality that enables the device to harness the power of AI for robust photo editing. Notably, there is no indication that this feature is limited to photos alone, hinting at its potential application in video editing as well.

    Samsung Galaxy S24
    Photo Credit: Samsung

    Inspired by Google's Pixel 8 Series

    Google's Pixel 8 series has already paved the way with a similar feature known as Magic Editor. This tool empowers users to manipulate, remove, and add smart fills to images. Like Generative Edit, Magic Editor also relies on an internet connection to deliver its full capabilities. Samsung, known for its commitment to technological advancement, appears to be aligning itself with the trend of integrating smart features into smartphones, following in the footsteps of other leading brands.

    Samsung Galaxy S24
                                                            Photo Credit: Samsung

    Expanding Smart Horizons: More Features Unveiled

    Leaked marketing material provides a glimpse into the broader smart landscape that the Galaxy S24 series aims to offer. Alongside Generative Edit, the phones are expected to introduce Live Translate, a feature recently announced by Samsung. Live Translate leverages AI to provide real-time translation during phone calls, showcasing the integration of cutting-edge technology into daily communication.

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    Another exciting addition to the Galaxy S24 series is the Nightography Zoom feature, promising enhancements in low-light photography taken from the telephoto camera. This feature underlines Samsung's commitment to delivering a comprehensive photography experience, catering to different lighting conditions.

    Anticipated Launch and Hardware Insights

    While rumors suggest a January 17 launch for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, no official confirmation has been provided as of yet. However, insights into the hardware reveal that the lineup is expected to utilize a custom variant of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC in most regions, with some areas receiving the Exynos 2400 chipset.

    Samsung Galaxy S24

    Final Thought

    The Samsung Galaxy S24 series appears set to usher in a new era of smartphone photography with its innovative smart features. The Generative Edit tool, inspired by Google's Pixel 8 series, showcases the brand's commitment to pushing technological boundaries. As we eagerly await the official launch, it's clear that Samsung is not just introducing smartphones but rather, unlocking new realms of creativity for users to explore.

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