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Exploring the Tecno Camon 20 Smartphone

Tecno Camon 20
Tecno Camon 20

Let's take a closer look at the Tecno Camon 20 smartphone. It's like a mini computer you can carry in your pocket. Right now, it's on sale for ₹14,999.00, which is 17% less than its usual price of ₹17,999.00. This deal ends in about 4 hours, so if you're interested, you need to hurry!

TECNO Camon 20 (Predawn Black, 8GB RAM,256GB Storage)

Tecno Camon 20
Tecno Camon 20
3.9/5 Our score
  • Brand: Tecno
  • Model Name: Camon 20
  • Network Service Provider: Unlocked
  • Operating System: Android 13.0
  • Cellular Technology: 4G

TECNO Camon 20 Pro 5G (Dark Welkin, 8GB RAM,128GB Storage)  

TECNO Camon 20 Premier 5G (Serenity Blue, 8GB RAM,512GB Storage)

TECNO Camon 20 (Art Edition, 8GB RAM,256GB Storage)

Tecno Camon 20 (Serenity Blue, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage)

Product Description

  • 64MP RGBW lens with F1.7 aperture for exceptional night photography
  • 32MP Selfie Camera for clear and detailed self-portraits
  • DSLR-level portrait system, Pro-shooting modes, and Video HDR
  • 6.67" FHD+ AMOLED Dot-in display with DC Dimming and 1920Hz PWM Dimming
  • TÜV Rheinland Low blue light emission certified Eye Protection
  • Ultra-fast In-display Fingerprint sensor
  • 256GB UFS 2.2 Internal Storage, 8GB LPDDR4x RAM, 8GB Customizable RAM
  • Up to 1TB dedicated expandable storage slot
  • 7.8mm Ultra-sleek design with premium Leather or Glass back
  • Ring Flashlight with dual matrix Camera design
  • 33W Flash Charging, 50% battery in half an hour
  • 5000mAh Battery, 32 days standby time, 18W In-box Adaptor


Details of Tecno Camon 20

How it Looks:

The Tecno Camon 20 is super slim, just 7.8mm thick. You can choose between a back that feels like leather or one that's shiny like glass. The cameras on the back look cool with a special ring flashlight.

Big, Clear Screen:

The phone has a big 6.67-inch screen that shows colors really well. It's perfect for watching videos or playing games. They made sure it's gentle on your eyes, and you can unlock it by touching the screen.

Cameras for Great Photos:

The Tecno Camon 20 is good at taking pictures, especially in the dark. The main camera has 64 megapixels, which means it captures a lot of details. The front camera is 32 megapixels for clear selfies.

Inside the Phone:

It works with Android 13.0, like a brain that makes everything run smoothly. It also has 8 gigabytes of RAM, which helps the phone do many things at once. You can store lots of photos and games on it because it has 256 gigabytes of space.

Battery Power:

The phone has a big battery that lasts a long time, and you can charge it super fast. In just half an hour, it can get more than half full! That's handy when you're in a hurry.

Special Offers:

If you have a credit card or debit card from a certain bank, you might get an extra discount. And if you have an old phone to exchange, they'll give you ₹3000 off.

Warranty and Delivery:

When you buy this phone, it comes with a 1-year warranty, like a promise that it will work well. They also promise to replace it if something goes wrong in the first 7 days. Plus, they'll deliver it to your house for free!

So, if you're thinking about getting a new phone, the Tecno Camon 20 has lots of cool features, and it's on sale right now. Don't forget to check it out before the deal ends!

Watch the unboxing the of Tecno Camon 20

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Pros and Cons



  • Interesting design: The device has an appealing and unique design that stands out. 

  • Stellar screen: The screen display is excellent, offering high-quality visuals. 
  • Decent performance: The device performs well under regular usage conditions, providing a smooth user experience. 
  • Good cameras: The camera quality is above average, capturing high-quality photos and possibly videos

  • Bloatware: The device comes with unnecessary pre-installed software, which can affect performance and take up storage space.
  •  Throttles under strenuous load: The device tends to slow down or limit performance under heavy usage, possibly due to thermal constraints or other factors.

  •  No ultra-wide lens: One of the drawbacks is the absence of an ultra-wide lens in the camera setup, limiting the range of photography options.

Technical Details

Review Summary:


User Rating and Reviews

⭐ 3.9
out of 5
⭐ 5
53% (67)
⭐ 4
20% (25)
⭐ 3
8% (10)
⭐ 2
5% (7)
⭐ 1
14% (18)

Overall Satisfaction:

Honest Product Insight for You has gathered feedback from users expressing positive sentiments about the Tecno Camon 20's quality and features. Additionally, some users mention positive aspects without providing detailed feedback.

Camera Quality:

Users commend the camera quality, specifically noting its suitability for night photos. The in-display flash for the selfie camera is highlighted as a positive feature.


The Tecno Camon 20 boasts several noteworthy features:

  • AMOLED display.
  • In-display fingerprint sensor.
  • Impressive 5000mAh battery.
  • Selfie camera with a flash, particularly beneficial for night photos.
  • Aesthetically appealing design resembling a higher-priced phone.
  • Generous storage capacity with 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage.


However, some users express disappointment with the supplied 18W charger, which falls short of the advertised 33W charger. The MediaTek Helio G80 processor is considered average, and there are noted concerns about normal camera performance.

Expert Team Views:

Our expert team at Honest Product Insight for You shares the collective assessment that the Tecno Camon 20 receives positive feedback for its camera quality, design, and value for money. While some users note minor issues with the supplied charger and camera performance, the majority express satisfaction with their purchase.

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