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Exciting News: Nokia Launches a Powerful 5G Mobile Phone with 7000mAh Battery and Robust 256GB Storage, Boasting DSLR-Like Camera

Nokia N2 Pro Max
Nokia N2 Pro Max

Nokia N2 Pro Max: Nokia has once again set the tech world abuzz with the launch of its groundbreaking smartphone, the Nokia N2 Pro Max. Packed with cutting-edge features, this 5G-enabled device boasts a remarkable five-camera setup and a whopping 7000mAh battery, making it a formidable contender in the smartphone market. Let's delve into the detailed specifications and features that make the Nokia N2 Pro Max stand out.

    Display Nokia N2 Pro Max:

    The Nokia N2 Pro Max comes equipped with a stunning 6.72-inch AMOLED display, offering vibrant colors and a smooth viewing experience with a 120Hz refresh rate. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, ensuring durability and safeguarding against scratches and impacts.


    Under the hood, the Nokia N2 Pro Max houses the powerful Snapdragon 888 processor, ensuring seamless performance and efficient multitasking capabilities. This top-tier processor enhances the overall user experience, making the device suitable for both casual users and tech enthusiasts.

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    RAM and Storage:

    With a generous 8GB of RAM and a spacious 256GB internal storage capacity, the Nokia N2 Pro Max provides ample room for storing files, apps, and multimedia content. Additionally, users have the option to expand the RAM up to 16GB, and the device supports external SD cards for further storage customization.

    Camera Setup:

    The camera setup on the Nokia N2 Pro Max is nothing short of extraordinary. Boasting a five-lens configuration, including a 64MP primary lens, 50MP + 50MP lenses, a 12MP lens, and a 5MP lens, this smartphone is geared towards delivering stunning photography results. The device supports video recording in 4K and various frame rates, providing users with versatile creative options. The front-facing camera is an impressive 50MP lens, ensuring high-quality selfies.

    Battery and Software:

    One of the standout features of the Nokia N2 Pro Max is its massive 7000mAh battery, coupled with 120W fast charging support. This combination ensures extended usage without worrying about running out of battery quickly. The smartphone runs on Android V14, offering the latest software features and security updates.

    Launch Date:

    While an official launch date from Nokia is yet to be confirmed, industry insiders suggest that the Nokia N2 Pro Max may hit the market by 2025-2026, bringing its innovative features to eager consumers.


    The official pricing details from Nokia are currently unavailable. However, considering the impressive specifications and features, the Nokia N2 Pro Max is expected to be priced in the range of 27,000 to 37,000 INR, making it an attractive option for those seeking a high-performance smartphone with advanced camera capabilities.

    Conclusion: In conclusion, the Nokia N2 Pro Max emerges as a formidable player in the smartphone arena, combining cutting-edge technology, an exceptional camera system, and a massive battery. With its impressive specifications and features, this 5G-enabled device is poised to make waves in the market, offering users a premium mobile experience. Stay tuned for more updates as Nokia gears up to unveil this technological marvel.


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