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Do you think OnePlus Nord is an affordable phone? See also the design of the OnePlus Nord 4 5G has been revealed through a leaked official poster


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Do you think OnePlus Nord is an affordable phone: Yes, it is a great budget phone if its price is around 25,000 to 28,000. It's a OnePlus, so it's better than any Xiaomi or other Chinese phone in this range.

One downside is that they decided to include a quad camera. The camera doesn't really need a depth sensor and no one really uses macros. So it would have been better if they had just included a normal camera and a good ultra-wide like the iPhone 11 instead of 4 cameras and a subpar ultra-wide.

    But I would consider that at that price you can get a flagship processor like the Asus 6Z, REALME X3, XIAOMI MI9T, ONEPLUS 7.

    Is OnePlus Nord worth buying?

    Whether something is worth it or not is a completely personal decision. But if you ask my opinion - and it has nothing to do with any brand - it is as follows:

    Android phones hardly last more than 3 years. The battery life drops to about 25% of the original and the phone hardly lasts more than 4 hours for normal use. I am not even talking about gaming, video streaming, etc.

    Very few Android models get regular OS updates. For example, my 3-year-old Moto G was originally on Oreo 8.0 and was upgraded to Oreo 8.1. This is not an isolated example. My 2013 iPad went from v6.1.6 to v14.0.1.

    The reason for not pushing Android updates is that many phone manufacturers make their own versions and it is not easy to make hardware backward compatible versions. If they do, the phones start lagging badly.

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    These are technical things. Maybe you don't care. You might think that the phone in your pocket will make you impressive. Let me say this - people don't care.

    I strongly believe that any phone that needs to be replaced in 3 years to 5 and costs more than Rs 20,000  is not worth buying. In fact, even 20K is the top limit. I would say, Rs 15K should be the target. In India, OnePlus Nord is Rs 25,000 to Rs 35,000. You should ask yourself these questions:

    What is it that a phone that is twice as expensive does very differently?

    How is it better?

    Is it twice (or 3, 4, 5 times) better?

    Photos look better. But have I verified the photo quality of a cheap phone and this phone on a neutral platform, like a PC screen?

    How much more can I save and what can I buy for Rs 15,000?

    Disadvantages of OnePlus Nord

    No water and dust resistance.
    No SD card slot.
    No 3.5 mm audio jack.

    Is the OnePlus Nord camera good?

    Lens performance - We have reported good performance of the main camera, but if you switch to the ultra-wide lens, the dynamic range is not as good and the 2X zoom option can lose detail. You can digitally zoom up to 10x, but the quality will be lost.

    Why shouldn't I buy the OnePlus Nord?

    Pricing: The phone might be a bit expensive, if it was 10% cheaper, there might be fewer people speaking against it today. My guess is it will get cheaper in 2-3 months.
    Focus: It's not a specific phone, it's a jack of all trades. Does it have a good camera? Yes, is this camera better than flagship or similarly priced phones? Not necessarily. Can you play games on it? Yes, is it the best performing gaming phone? No. And so on.
    Raw specs: On paper, it doesn't have the strongest hardware. Obviously, the 765G won't match the 865, but according to benchmarking, it stands up against the 845.

    (The lack of a 3.5 mm jack is now common, so it is not unique to Nord)

    About the plastic frame, I mean, there are so many phones that are completely plastic and can really last a long time. My current phone is completely plastic, and really it's the software that's deteriorating/failing, not the build quality.

    And from what I've researched, OnePlus does quite a good job with software updates. Someone has a OnePlus 3T, which has a more recent Android version compared to my phone (for instance).

    So if your budget is tight, choose something cheaper, or if you want a specific phone for gaming or with the best camera, go for those.

    But overall with the Nord, you should get good performance, a good/great camera, long and good software updates so you can keep going for some time and not need to change the phone soon.

    What are some powerful smartphone alternatives to OnePlus Nord?

    POCO X6 ProStarting at Rs 25,999
    Realme 12 ProStarting at Rs 23,999
    Redmi Note 13 ProStarting at Rs 25,999
    Motorola Edge 40 NeoStarting at Rs 22,999


    How good is the OnePlus Nord? Is it a good idea to buy this phone and expect great performance?

    It is a good phone with equally good and bad aspects. The camera is good except for the macro camera which is completely useless and of no use. Even after 1-2 updates, it is the same. So if you put black tape on the macro camera lens, it would be better at least you don't need to see it and regret it.

    The official poster of OnePlus Nord 4 5G has been leaked, revealing its design.

    The OnePlus Summer Launch Event will take place on July 16. Although the brand has not yet disclosed the names of the upcoming devices, it is expected that the Nord 4 5G smartphone, TWS earphones, and a smartwatch will be launched at this event. Recently, a schematic design of the OnePlus Nord 4 was leaked. Now, an official-looking poster of the upcoming smartphone has been leaked, revealing its look. Let's learn more about the OnePlus Nord 4 5G in detail.

    Key Points

    • The OnePlus Summer Launch Event will take place on July 16.
    • The official-looking poster of OnePlus Nord 4 has been leaked.
    • The OnePlus Nord 4 5G will have a dual-tone back panel.

    OnePlus Nord 4 5G Design

    OnePlus Club has shared a poster of the upcoming OnePlus Nord 4 5G smartphone on X. The smartphone features a flat frame. The volume rocker and power button are visible on the right side, while the alert slider is on the left side. Speaking of the back panel, OnePlus appears to have a different vertical camera setup from last year's OnePlus Nord 3. Additionally, the brand will differentiate the Nord 4 5G from the Nord CE 4 5G and 4 Lite 5G. The next smartphone will include two vertically positioned camera rings and an LED flash located near the right corner.

    The OnePlus Nord 4 5G will have a dual-tone back panel. There is a glossy finish below the camera sensor, while the rest of the panel is expected to have a metal finish. The design closely resembles the early generations of Pixel smartphones. The smartphone will be available in three color options: green, silver, and black. The silver variant will have diagonal stripes under the shiny part. The brand has already suggested that the smartphone will have a metal unibody. The front look of the Nord 4 5G has also been revealed, featuring a centrally-aligned punch-hole cutout display surrounded by very slim bezels.

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