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The company that makes Nokia phones has introduced two of its own phones, offering amazing features at a low price.


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HMD 110 and HMD 105: HMD Global, the company that markets smartphones under the Nokia brand, recently decided to launch devices under its own branding, and now two feature phones are coming to India. The features and specifications of the new HMD-branded feature phones have been revealed and listed on the company's website. The new phones, HMD 110 and HMD 105 will be available in vibrant and stylish colors.

    HMD 110 features:

    The new HMD 110 feature phone offers similar capabilities as Nokia-branded feature phones but sports a distinct design. The phone will have a gradient design on the back panel with ceramic coating and metal trim, providing durability. This feature phone will offer IP54 dust and splash resistance. The phone, with a thickness of 14mm and a weight of 78 grams, will be available in green and black color options.

    Other features include a 2-inch QQVGA display and a T9 keyboard. Its 1000mAh battery is claimed to provide a backup of up to 18 days and a talk time of up to 14 hours on a full charge. It will have 4MB RAM and 4MB internal storage, expandable up to 1TB with a microSD card. The phone will also feature a QVGA rear camera, USB-C port, and 3.5mm headphone jack.

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    HMD 105 features:

    This dual SIM phone also features a 2-inch QQVGA display and a QVGA rear camera. Its 1000mAh battery will provide more than a week of battery life. The device features a dual LED flashlight and a sizable, responsive T9 keyboard. Additionally, it gives an FM radio, an MP3 player, and the classic Snake game. This phone will be available in charcoal, blue, and purple.

    Final Verdict on HMD 110 and HMD 105

    HMD Global's new feature phones, HMD 110 and HMD 105 bring a blend of classic and modern features at affordable prices. With durable designs, long battery life, and practical functionalities, these phones are set to make a significant impact on the market. Whether you prefer the robust build of the HMD 110 or the versatile features of the HMD 105, these phones offer excellent value for money.

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