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Lava Prowatch ZN First Impression: What is Lava's first smartwatch like? Should you buy it?

Lava Prowatch ZN

Lava Prowatch ZN: Indian brand 'Lava' has now stepped into the wearable category. On Tuesday, the company's top officers met with the media face-to-face at an event. It was not surprising to say that Lava has held an on-ground event after 5-6 years... for a smartwatch. Obviously, Lava knows the potential in this market. Is it possible to tap into that potential? The company has presented Prowatch ZN with the philosophy of 'Tough is Pro' which promotes its build quality and features. In my hands is the Prowatch ZN, accompanied by a silicone strap. How is this smartwatch? Let's find out in the first impression.

Lava Prowatch ZN Price in India

The MRP of the silicone strap variant of Lava Prowatch ZN is ₹4999. It has been launched at a price of ₹2599. Prowatch ZN with a metal strap can be bought for ₹2999. It also comes with a silicone strap.

The first impression of any product is its box. The packaging of Lava Prowatch ZN is quite solid. It comes in a square compact box. Upon opening the box, the first thing you get is the watch attached with the strap and a charging cable, which can be connected to any mobile charger.

Prowatch ZN is a round dial watch. The dial size strikes a perfect balance, neither oversized nor too petite.There are two rotating crowns on the top and bottom of the dial, which have different uses. Lava claims that the dial of Prowatch ZN is made of metal and zinc alloy. Personally, it felt quite durable to me. The bottom area also looked sturdy. The silicone strap of Prowatch ZN is wide and long. Its design is similar to that of a regular watch strap. The strap can be detached from the dial, which I found to be a good option, as sometimes the strap needs cleaning. The company claims that the strap of Prowatch ZN is resistant to sweat and water, so it does not get damaged during outdoor activities.

Due to the thinness of my wrist, Prowatch ZN seemed a bit large in my hand. My skin is sensitive, so I felt itching when I tightened the strap. However, Prowatch ZN looked good on my colleague's hand. In terms of look and feel, it competes with any expensive smartwatch. Prowatch ZN offers a circular dial with a 1.43-inch AMOLED display. Its resolution is 466x466 pixels. The maximum brightness reaches 600 nits, while the refresh rate stands at 60 Hz. All these specs add 'four moons' to the display of Prowatch ZN. With Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection, the chances of scratches on the display are reduced.

I am satisfied with the display quality of Prowatch ZN. Bird colors emerge on the display that don't hurt the eyes. The display brightness was set to maximum by default. I didn't reduce it. Everything looked quite sharp indoors. Even in the sunlight, the display did not disappoint, and I could see time and my step count without interruption. Using Prowatch ZN is quite easy. Pressing the top rotating crown turns on the watch. I had downloaded Lava's Prospot app from the Google Play Store. After signing in and pairing the watch with Bluetooth, Prowatch ZN started working.

First, I changed the watch face. This option is available by rotating the top rotating crown. You can also change the watch face in display settings or through Prospot. Prowatch ZN supports a total of 150 watch faces. Swapping left and right on the display gives access to all the features of Prowatch ZN. The first thing I used was Bluetooth calling. I liked its quality. The sound of the speaker was also satisfactory. You can save your top 10 favorite contacts so that you can call them from the watch when needed. Phone messages can also be viewed on Prowatch ZN. WhatsApp and Instagram notifications are received as well.

This watch can also control the music on the phone. It connects to the phone's camera. It has a calculator feature. Some games are also installed in the watch. One feature I liked especially is that this watch acts as a torch when needed.

Things can be set according to your preference in settings. I didn't feel the need for it much because I could see every activity in detail on the Prospot app.

Prowatch ZN also works as a fitness tracker. It has more than 110 sports modes. I didn't use any of them because time was short. However, the sensor attached to the watch was continuously measuring my heart rate and SpO2. I found this sensor accurate in both cases, as it showed my heart rate higher while walking. This sensor also calculated my sleep. Tuesday night, I slept for 7.5 hours and the watch told me that I was in deep sleep for only 2.5 hours. On the initial day of donning the timepiece, I covered a distance of 4785 steps.. However, the watch was not showing every step count. 10 to 15 steps were being updated simultaneously on the display.

This watch also measures stress. It can make you do breathing exercises. I haven't used these features yet.

Prowatch ZN has RTL8763EWE-VP chipset, which performs smoothly. During the three days of use, I did not encounter any performance-related issues in the watch. The new Lava watch has a 350mAh battery. It is claimed to be fully charged in 1 hour. During the three days of use, I did not need to charge the watch. The battery, which started at 96%, dropped to 82%.

Lava claims that the battery lasts for 7 to 8 days in normal use. When used for Bluetooth calling, it provides backup for up to 3 days, and the standby time is 15 to 20 days. Its charging cable is in magnetic form, which sticks to the dial's underside and charges the watch.

Talking about other features, Prowatch ZN supports Always-on Display. Apart from Bluetooth calling, there is also the feature of call recording. If you cannot pick up an incoming call, you can send quick replies. It comes with an IP68 rating, meaning it can swim in clean water up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes while wearing it. AI voice assistant is also given in the watch. The most special thing is that the company is offering a 2-year warranty.

Prowatch ZN has all the features that make it worth buying. In the first impression, you cannot say to buy the watch, but compare it with the products present in your wishlist.

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