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OpenAI has now started working on a new smartphone, Apple could face tough competition

OpenAI with Smartphone
OpenAI with Smartphone

OpenAI has now begun working on a new smartphone, and Apple could face tough competition. In recent years, significant changes have been observed in smartphones, especially with the integration of various features with AI. Imagine if an entire phone is AI-based? A new report suggests that OpenAI is gearing up to launch a new smartphone.

It is worth noting that another Apple executive, Tang Tang, left the company last Wednesday. Tang was leading the design team for iPhone and Apple Watch. While it is not uncommon for executives to leave a company, the significance lies in which company Tang may be joining.

New information has surfaced that Tang is joining forces with another former Apple executive, Jony Ive, in his company LoveFrom. Prior reports indicated that Ive and LoveFrom were working on a 'device' that would be AI-First, with support from OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman.

OpenAI with Smartphone

Who is Jony Ive? 

For context, Jony Ive worked with Apple for 27 years. During this extended period, Ive contributed to the design of several iconic products, including the 1998 iMac, iPhone, and even the design of the Apple Park campus. However, in 2019, Ive silently departed from the company. Since then, he has been collaborating with Apple as well as other tech companies. Currently, he is associated with OpenAI, which has revolutionized the world with generative AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E.

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Work in Progress on the New Phone As we know, Ive's company, LoveFrom, is actively working on creating something unique. Ive, Sam Altman, and now Tang are consistently involved in this project. This device aims to bring about a revolutionary change similar to the impact the iPhone had in 2007. The new device could redefine the world built around the iPhone and pose a significant challenge to Apple.

The iPhone has introduced major innovations such as touchscreen technology, intuitive interfaces, and a robust app store, transforming the phone into an all-in-one device. In the upcoming era, the phone is expected to be integrated with AI, marking a new initiative by OpenAI and Sam Altman.

Ive and Tang's design chops could potentially create a device capable of changing the world once again. LoveFrom already has at least 20 former Apple employees working with Ive. Current reports are hinting at an 'AI device' that LoveFrom is working on, and there is hope that this might be the phone of the future.

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