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Google Earnings: After learning about Google's earnings in 1 minute, your eyes will be wide open; check out the Exciting report

Google Earnings:

Google earnings: Google, a technology company, engages in various technology and internet-related activities. It operates as a subsidiary under Alphabet Inc., which is the parent company of Google and provides the world's largest search engine.

    Google Earnings:

    Google generates its revenue not only from its search engine but also from various other sources. Its primary source is advertising, including Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Google Keyboard, Google Duo, Google Meet, Google Mail, Chrome, Google Smartphone, Android software, and other internet services. Google earns its revenue by providing various internet facilities and services, making it the second-largest search engine globally after YouTube, and the largest search engine overall.

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    Whenever we use Google services, advertisements are displayed based on users' interests. As more advertisements and sponsors appear, Google earns commissions. Due to this revenue model, Google accumulates billions of dollars, as seen with many content creators on YouTube creating videos. When we click on advertisements, a portion goes to the creator, and the rest goes to Google. Advertisement is the primary source of income for Google.

    Google Earnings Overview:

    In the first half of the fiscal year 2022-23, Google has already earned an average of 61 to 65 billion. The majority of Google's revenue comes from Google Search, with an average of 266,695 crores. Millions of people search on Google every minute, resulting in an estimated average income of 2 crores per passing minute. This Google earnings sometimes surpasses expectations. This gives an idea of how much money Google generates every day, month, or year.

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