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Experience the Moto G24 Power: Strong Battery, Impressive Features at Just INR 8,249

Moto G24 Power
Photo Credit: Moto

Motorola, the Lenovo-owned brand, has once again grabbed the attention of smartphone fans with its latest budget-friendly offering, the Moto G24 Power. Launched in India on January 30, this sleek device packs a punch with its impressive features and affordable price tag.

    Key specs of Moto G24 Power:

    Specification Details
    Display 6.56-inch
    Processor MediaTek Helio G85
    Front Camera 16-megapixel rear
    r Camera 50-megapixel + 2-megapixel
    RAM 4GB
    Storage 128GB
    Battery Capacity 6000mAh
    OS Android 14

    A look at the Moto G24 Power

    Performance and Power Efficiency

    At the heart of the Moto G24 Power lies the strong MediaTek Helio G85 SoC, ensuring smooth and efficient performance for all your everyday tasks and multimedia experiences. Paired with up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, this smartphone offers plenty of space for your apps, photos, videos, and more.

    Immersive Display and Design

    The Moto G24 Power has a stunning 6.56-inch HD+ IPS LCD display with a 90Hz refresh rate, delivering smooth visuals and an immersive viewing experience. The dynamic refresh rate ensures smoothness whether you're scrolling through social media feeds, watching videos, or gaming on the go.

    Crafted with precision, the device features an eye-catching acrylic glass build that not only looks elegant but also offers durability. Its IP52 water-repellent design provides added protection against accidental spills and splashes, making it suitable for everyday use.

    Impressive Camera Capabilities

    Capture life's moments in stunning detail with the Moto G24 Power's versatile camera setup. The device boasts a dual rear camera unit, led by a 50-megapixel primary sensor with Quad Pixel technology and an impressive f/1.8 aperture. Accompanying the primary sensor is a 2-megapixel macro shooter, enabling you to explore the finer details of your subjects up close.

    On the front, the smartphone features a 16-megapixel selfie camera with an f/2.45 aperture, perfect for taking beautiful selfies and engaging in video calls with friends and family.

    Long-Lasting Battery Life

    Equipped with a massive 6,000mAh battery, the Moto G24 Power ensures long-lasting performance throughout the day. Whether you're browsing the web, streaming content, or playing games, you can count on this device to keep up with your demanding lifestyle. What's more, with 33W fast charging support, you can quickly charge your device and get back to what matters most.

    Connectivity and Convenience

    Stay connected and productive with a wide range of connectivity options on the Moto G24 Power. From Bluetooth and GPS to Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, this smartphone has you covered wherever you go. Plus, with a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack, you can easily connect your favorite accessories and peripherals.

    Enhanced Security Features

    Your privacy and security are important, which is why the Moto G24 Power comes equipped with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for easy biometric authentication. Rest assured that your personal data and information remain protected against unauthorized access.

    Price and Availability

    The Moto G24 Power offers great value for money, with prices starting at Rs. 8,999 for the base model with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. For those looking for more performance and storage capacity, the top-end variant with 8GB of RAM is priced at Rs. 9,999. The smartphone is available in Glacier Blue and Ink Blue color options and will be available starting February 7 at 12pm IST via Flipkart, and Motorola. in, and select retail stores.

    Launch Offers

    As an added bonus, Motorola is offering a Rs. 750 exchange bonus for customers trading in their old devices, bringing down the effective price of the Moto G24 Power to Rs. 8,249. Additionally, EMI options starting at Rs. 317 make owning this feature-packed smartphone even more accessible.

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    Review of Moto G24 Power

    Moto G24 Power Unboxing

    Looks great and works great. This is the new smartphone from Motorola, the Moto G24 Power. "Power" because it comes with a 6000 mAh battery. This smartphone is going to give you quite good battery life. Now, some people will say that with such a high battery capacity, fast charging support would not have been included.

    But let me tell you that this handset comes with 30W fast charging support. Some may argue that because it has 30W charging support, its price will naturally be above 10,000 rupees. But let me tell you that its pricing starts from Rs. 8,249.

    And this pricing is with offers. Basically, this is the effective pricing. Now, some people will say that those who make excuses won't buy the handset. This handset comes with very good pricing. After Reading this article, you will understand why this handset is a very good option. 

    Moto G24 Power Box Contents

    Moto G24 Power. It comes with a 6000 mAh battery. It has a 50-megapixel camera. MediaTek G85 chipset is used in this. These details are clearly mentioned in the box. The variant I have is 8GB RAM and 128GB storage space. And this is an ink-blue color variant. This is the handset.

    You can see that this case is given in the box. This film is attached to the screen, which again has the key features mentioned. And see this. This comes with a silicone case. Transparent silicone case. This is the handset. It has a very good build and finish. It is very good in terms of pricing.

    Moto G24 Power Design Overview

    Its pricing is under Rs. 9000 with offers. Apart from this, this is a SIM tray ejector pin. These are some booklets. This is a USB to Type-C cable. The good thing is that a 33W charger is present inside the box. It has a triple slot. You can use two 4G SIMs with a micro SD card. Camera on the rear side.

    This is a volume rocker. Side fingerprint sensor. "Dolby Atmos" is written here. This comes with dual speakers. With Dolby Atmos support. An audio jack is given in this. On the left-hand side, this is the SIM tray. Now its position is not in the center. But some people may have an issue with this. This basically does not make any difference. And here is the Type-C port.

    The primary microphone is the speaker vent. Let me tell you again that it has dual speakers. The hand feel is very good. It is a little heavy because it has a 6000 mAh battery. But it does not feel so heavy. As soon as I unboxed it, I really liked its design. This is made of PMMA material. The hand feel is very good. 

    Especially if you pay attention to the camera module here. So every time Moto does something interesting with the camera module You must have seen that you may find the design the same.

    But the camera part is designed differently. And here it is also designed in a very different way. The design is completely curved. In fact, you will not be able to feel that there is a camera here. It is just a normal bump. See, you will get a good idea from here. When you hold this handset in your hands.

    And when other people look at it. They will feel that this handset is in the mid-premium segment. But this is under Rs.10,000. It is quite good pricing. This is definitely a super-premium design. Which you are getting for under Rs. 10,000. Despite having a 6000 mAh battery. This handset does not look so bulky. Its weight is around 197 grams. Under 200 grams. And it also comes with IP52 certification. Which means that it has a water-repellent design.

    Moto G24 Power Software Experience

    So this is its default interface. And it is going to give you a near-stock Android experience. See, it is loaded with some unwanted applications. Now I want to explain something to you here. Malware is a different thing. It means that some applications spoil the system's performance. Brands are not going to give you that. The second thing is Bloatware Now there are 2 things in Bloatware One is the unwanted application.

    You can say that this is an unwanted application. The second is the type of unwanted application that spoils the system's performance. Now this does not look like that application. But in case you want to erase it. To remove it. So you can go to app info and uninstall it. I have uninstalled a brain test. So basically you have to use a little brain.

    Now some people will also complain about it. Why did you give it? Now it is given. There is also an option to uninstall. But they do not have to buy it. Why? Because it is given. These are basically people who are not going to buy it. They are just passing the time. This is running Android 14 out of the box. T

    he size of the display is quite good, 6.6 inches. And it comes with 90Hz refresh rate support. See. For now, I have set it in auto. By the way, the display is of HD+ resolution. Now some people will also complain here that it should be full HD. Basically, some people try to change the specs. But by doing this, the pricing will also change. The quality of the display is quite good.

    If you watch more videos, it is a very good option for it. There is not much difference between HD+ and Full HD+ Especially if you keep both the phones side by side. Then people will not be able to tell the difference. HD Plus is a good option. Not bad.

    Especially in budget smartphones, you will get this option. The viewing angles are also quite good. It is also quite good for entertainment. Because it also comes with Dolby Atmos support. It has dual speakers. The capacity of RAM and ROM is also quite good. Again, you get different options.

    Moto G24 Power Camera Review

    HD+ display. The front camera is 16MP. On the rear side, a 50MP and 2MP dual camera setup is given. It does not have NFC support. This is the camera interface. You get the macro option. The second option is the zoom option. You can zoom in up to 4x. You can record videos in a maximum of 1080p in the video. The good thing is that the stability option is given here. Which works fine at this price.

    There is a slow-motion option. And there is a portrait mode that blurs the background. Most people use portrait mode. There is a pro mode for manual photography. And you get all these options in the more So at this price, you get quite good features in the camera. These are some samples that I have shot with this smartphone. This is a portrait shot outdoors. It has worked well. The background blurring is good.

    The skin tones are good. And the edge detection is also quite good. This is a long shot. Here I have used different filter options. It changes the look and feel. Try it. And at this price, you get quite good output. I especially liked this shot. Again, it depends on personal choice.

    But the photos are quite good to share on social networks And this is a black-and-white shot. This is a night shot. Okay, not bad. And this is a selfie shot. Which I have shot in studio light. Not bad. This is a selfie shot outdoors. This is quite good. This is a video shot that I am recording while walking Stability is good at this price. I will say in camera quality that it is of average level.

    Moto G24 Power Performance Test

    So in this, MediaTek Helio G85 octa-core processor is used. And this is the Antutu benchmark score. Around 2,72,000 which is okay. In fact, if the score was around 4,00,000. Then you could have been able to do the gaming smoothly. And as far as storage is concerned. This is read and write speed. It has LPDDR4X RAM and eMMC5.1 storage. Now its hardware is not that powerful. But let's try to play this game.

    You can see that it is clearly lagging. As I said, if the Antutu score is above 4,00,000. So you can get very good results. You can play games. It is playable but not that smooth. It has an accelerometer, magnetic, and ambient light. E-Compost and gyro sensors are given. And here I am using the compass application. So you can use the compass in this. This feature can be very useful in Google Maps.

    If you like to listen to music. FM radio is also given. It has dual-band WiFi and it uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology. So the 6000 mAh battery can give you 1.5 to 2 days of battery life or more. Also, 33-watt charging support is given. Often under Rs 10,000, smartphones do not get fast charging support. So this is a big thing.

    The number of buyers is less. And the number of those who do not want to buy is more. And today, if people do not want to buy. They do not have a budget. Or they do not like the specs. So they do not ignore the handset. They start advertising. They get tensed by other people who buy the handset. Because they do not like the specs or the pricing. So their assumption is that other people should not like it too. These people try to spread rumors They get confused and confuse others too. So stay away from such people. And do your analysis. And for this, it is very important to understand technology.

    Moto G24 Power Connectivity Features

    Now see this is a 4G smartphone. Now some people will ask why 4G is given in this? 5G should be given And today who buys 4G smartphones? Now after listening to this thing. Some people will start repeating the same thing without thinking. And some people who are using 4G smartphones. They will also start saying that who uses 4G smartphones these days? Now see this is a budget smartphone.

    And what are the users of this category going to do? They are going to watch videos. And especially for shots or reels. It is perfect for them. And for reels, 4G will also work. 5G will also work. Of course, you get more speed on 5G. But because this handset does not come with more powerful hardware. So even after giving 5G, if 5G was in this. You do not feel the performance difference. And 5G will also shoot up the price So as I said, it is important to understand technology. Specs are in place.

    Moto G24 Power Display Comparison

    And as far as the question of HD+ and Full HD+ is concerned. Again, you will get better battery life with HD+ It has a 6000 mAh battery. Also with HD+, better battery life. Because it does not have much powerful hardware. Full HD+ can have a little impact on the performance. Understand technology. After that, you can easily decide what to buy. Looks great, and works great. And I think it will be sold quickly.

    Technical Details of Moto G24 Power

    Watch the unboxing of Moto G24 Power


    Photo Gallery of Moto G24 Power:

    Moto G24 Power:

    Moto G24 Power:

    Moto G24 Power:

    Moto G24 Power:

    Moto G24 Power:

    Motorola G54 5G (Mint Green, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage)
    Motorola G54 5G (Mint Green, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage)
    8/10 Our Score
    • Brand: Motorola
    • Model Name: G54 5G
    • Colour: Mint Green
    • Form Factor: In Ear
    • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB
    • Price: ₹15,250 (save 15%, M.R.P.: ₹17,999)
    • Screen Size: 6.5 Inches
    • RAM Memory Installed Size: 8 GB
    • Front Photo Sensor Resolution: 16 MP

    Final Thought

    In conclusion, the Moto G24 Power redefines the budget smartphone segment with its impressive specifications, stylish design, and affordable price point. Whether you're a multitasking enthusiast, a photography lover, or a gaming fan, this device is designed to meet your diverse needs and exceed your expectations. Experience the power of innovation with the Moto G24 Power and take your smartphone experience to new heights.

    Disclaimer: The information on this page is subject to change, and it contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!


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