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The Google Pixel 7 Pro Review: A Comprehensive Examination

Google Pixel 7 Pro Review
The Google Pixel 7 Pro Review: A Comprehensive Examination

Today we are going to give you a Google Pixel 7 Pro review based on my one-year experience with it. In a world where phones keep changing, the Google Pixel 7 Pro comes in strong, trying to make Android better and compete with others like Apple. 

This detailed Google Pixel 7 Pro review will carefully look at every part of the phone, like how it looks, how well it works, the camera, the apps, the battery, and how happy it makes users. Google Pixel 7 Pro review will help you to buy the phone.

    Google Pixel 7 Pro review details.

    Design Evolution: Making it Look and Feel Nice

    Google Pixel 7 Pro review Design: The Pixel 7 Pro looks different from the older one, and at first, not everyone likes it. The corners are a bit round, and the button you press feels good. The camera part and the back of the phone are strong and won't get scratched easily. Keeping the special camera part is smart because it makes it easy to hold the phone.

    The Pixel 7's screen is flat, but the 7 Pro has a curved one, making it look cooler. These choices, along with little things like the not-shiny finish and the camera part feeling the same, show that Google cares about how the phone looks and works.

    Unveiling the Powerhouse: Google's Special Chip

    Google Pixel 7 Pro review special Chip: The biggest change inside the Pixel 7 Pro is a new chip made by Google, called Tensor. This chip makes the phone as strong as big ones like Samsung. Tests show that it can do many things fast, like playing games. Google also made sure the everyday things, like talking on the phone, work really well.

    The Pixel 7 Pro moves between apps smoothly and quickly, making it feel like a good machine. Google also cares about people who need help using the phone, like those who can't hear well or see well. They made sure it was easy for them too. The Pixel 7 Pro will get updates for three years, which means it will stay good for a long time.

    Google Pixel 7 Pro Review

    Software Experience: Making the Apps and Buttons Easy

    Google Pixel 7 Pro reviews my software experience: Other than being strong, the Pixel 7 Pro's software, which means how the phone's apps and buttons work, is special too. The talking part is much better than iPhones. It can understand what you say even if you talk quietly. The Pixel 7 Pro moves smoothly between apps, and Google made sure it's easy to use, even for people who aren't great with tech stuff.

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    The battery, which is like the phone's food, lasts a long time. Even the smaller Pixel 7 can last as long as big phones. This is because of the special Tensor chip that makes the phone use its food well. People can use the Pixel 7 Pro all day without worrying about the battery running out.

    Camera Mastery: Taking Great Pictures

    Google Pixel 7 Pro reviews Camera: The Pixel 7 Pro's camera is one of its best parts. It's like a magic box that makes pictures better. Every picture gets a little makeover, making it look even better than before. The Pixel 7 Pro can take pictures that are far away without making them blurry, which is amazing. Even in the dark, it takes good pictures.

    The Pixel 7 Pro can also record videos better now. People can hear your voice clearly, and it can focus on things in the video, so they don't look fuzzy. Even though it's not as good as the iPhone, it's still really good for making videos.

    Google Pixel 7 Pro Review

    Google Pixel 7 Pro Review

    Google Pixel 7 Pro Review

    Google Pixel 7 Pro Review

    Pros and cons


    Fast and Responsive Performance: We praise the Google Pixel 7 Pro for its snappy and responsive performance.

    Solid 5G Connection: The phone quickly connected to 5G, providing a reliable and fast data connection.

    Crystal Clear Phone Calls: Phone calls are very crystal clear with amazing sound quality.

    Fantastic Display: The screen resolution and picture quality are fantastic, especially when watching 1080P or 4K content this is my personal experience in while using the phone.

    High-Quality Speakers: The speakers, both on speaker phones and for media consumption, are praised for their fantastic sound quality and loudness.

    Excellent Camera: The camera is highlighted for taking extremely good photos and videos, even in low light conditions.

    Security Features: Tight security measures, including flawless facial recognition and fingerprint functionality.

    Wide Range of Features: The phone offers a variety of features, including Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, NFC, and water resistance.

    Google Pixel 7 Pro - 5G Android Phone (Obsidian, 128GB)
    Google Pixel 7 Pro
    9/10 Our Score
    • Brand: Google
    • Model Name: Pixel 7 Pro
    • Wireless Carrier: Unlocked for All Carriers
    • Operating System: Android 13.0
    • Cellular Technology: 5G
    • List Price: $899.00 Price:$499.00 You Save:$400.00 (44%)
    • Color: Obsidian
    • Screen Size: 6.7 Inches
    • Memory Storage Capacity: 128 GB
    • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC
    • Wireless Network Technology: 5G


     Learning Curve with Settings: Some users mention that there is a multitude of settings that may take time to adjust on an unfamiliar phone.

    No App Lock and Duplicate App Feature: A user expressed disappointment over the absence of features like the App lock and replicate app, which they found useful in their previous device.

    Charging Speed: Charging speed is reported to be slow, and the phone may not charge as quickly as expected, especially considering its 2022 release.

    Battery Life: While not terrible, the battery life is considered standard, requiring daily charging with regular usage.

    Occasional Performance Issues: Some users experienced occasional performance issues, such as difficulty connecting to a car via USB and video recording limitations in high temperatures.

    Missing Accessories: The absence of a charging wall adapter and a clear protector that typically comes with devices was noted as a downside.

    Price: Some users feel that the phone's price is relatively high, considering its specifications, and there are concerns about its value for money compared to other options on the market.

    Limited 5G Availability: In some regions, the 5G network may not be available, affecting the overall experience for users in those areas.

    Technical Details of The Google Pixel 7 Pro 

    Watch the unboxing of The Google Pixel 7 Pro.


    Final Thought 

    At the end of the Google Pixel 7 Pro Review, the Google Pixel 7 Pro is not just a phone: it's a super cool one. It's strong, looks nice, and the camera is like magic. From how it looks to how it works; it makes Android phones even better. The price is good too. If you want a phone that's strong, looks good, and doesn't cost too much, the Pixel 7 Pro is a great choice. Welcome to a new age of cool phones with the Pixel 7 Pro.

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