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Jio Cloud Laptop :Reliance Jio Gears Up for a Game-Changing 'Cloud' Laptop Launch at an Affordable Rs. 15,000


Jio Cloud Laptop Company planning to launch Jio Cloud Laptop

In a big move, the company Reliance Jio is changing how laptops work. They are bringing out a special laptop that something called the Jio Cloud laptop. This new laptop will cost around Rs. 15,000, and it's making regular laptops look a bit old-fashioned. Let's find out more about this cool new development.

    Jio Cloud Laptop: What's the Big Deal?

    In July 2023, Reliance Jio released the JioBook, the newer version of a laptop they made last year. Now, they're getting ready to launch a cloud laptop. This laptop is a bit different because it's what they call a "dumb terminal." Instead of doing all the hard work on the laptop itself, it sends the tough stuff to the Jio Cloud. This makes the laptop cost less, so more people can buy it.

      Jio Cloud Laptop

    A Laptop That Saves You Money

    According to a report in The Economic Times, Jio is talking to big companies like HP, Acer, and Lenovo to bring this new laptop to India. By not needing expensive parts inside, Jio wants to offer a laptop that called a Jio Cloud Laptop that works well but doesn't cost a lot. 

    A senior Jio person explained, "The cost of a laptop depends on its hardware like memory, processing power, chipset, etc. What we are doing is, we are stripping all this, and the whole processing of the laptop will happen at the back end in the Jio cloud."

    Pay a Little, Get a Lot

    Jio is also planning to add a monthly cloud subscription to go with the laptop. It's a bit like how Apple has iCloud or Google has One. Even though we don't know how much it will cost yet, this subscription will give you more Jio services along with the cloud stuff. The better plans will have even more cool features.

    Testing and Using on Any Device

    Right now, they're trying out the new cloud laptop on an HP Chromebook. Also, you don't have to use it only on the new laptop. You can use the cloud software on your old computer or even your smart TV. That means you don't need to buy a new device to try out the Jio Cloud.

    Jio's Other Cool Stuff

    Jio has been busy with other things too. In September, they started something called AirFiber, which is like a Wi-Fi service with lots of TV channels and apps. This is for people who don't have super-fast internet where they live. You can get started for just Rs. 599 a month. 

    In July, Jio released the JioBook (2023), the updated version of their first JioBook. It's powered by something called a MediaTek MT8788 processor and uses an operating system called JioOS, which is based on Android.

    Jio Cloud Laptop

    Brand and specification of JioBook



    Model Name


    Screen Size

    11.6 Inches



    Hard Disk Size

    64 GB

    CPU Model


    RAM Memory Installed Size

    4 GB

    Operating System


    Special Feature

    Multi-tasking with Multi-window Support, Universal compatibility, Ultra-light and compact < 1kg, 4G-LTE enabled, Infinity Keyboard






    Graphics Card Description


    Just a few days ago, they also launched the JioPhone Prima, a 4G feature phone that costs Rs. 2,599. This phone can run apps like WhatsApp, YouTube, and Facebook. There are also rumors that Jio is working on a 5G phone, but we'll have to wait and see.

    Brand and specification of JioPhone Prima



    Model Name

    JioPhone Prima

    Network Service Provider


    Operating System

    KaiOS 2.5.3

    Cellular Technology


    FAQ On JiO Cloud Laptop

    1. How to Access JioCloud on Your Laptop?

    JioCloud is easily accessible through various platforms like mobile apps, web clients, Windows Desktop, Mac apps, or even on a JioPhone. To log in, you can use one of the following options: Jio Mobile number – get an OTP on your Jio Number for a secure login to JioCloud.

    2. What's the Storage Limit on JioCloud?

    The storage limit on JioCloud varies: 5 GB: If you log in with a Jio number. 2 GB: If you log in using Google or Facebook ID.

    3. Requirements for JioCloud Storage

    For using the cloud storage app on a mobile device, you need: Android (OS version 4.2 and above) for smartphones and tablets. iOS (9.0 and above) for iPhones and iPads.

    4. Can You Purchase Storage on JioCloud?

    On JioCloud's mobile and desktop apps and website, you can check your storage progress in the 'Settings' screens. To add more online storage, select the 'Upgrade' option and follow the displayed instructions.

    5. What Happens When Your Cloud Storage is Full?

    If your cloud storage is full and you don't manage it, you might be unable to upload, edit, or sync new files. Some providers may even delete your files if you don't clear space.

    6. Benefits of JioCloud

    JioCloud offers several advantages for your business, including simplicity, security, speed, state-of-the-art features, scalability, savings, and service focus.

    7. Is JioCloud Free for Lifetime?

    Upon signing up for JioCloud, you get free cloud storage bundled with your purchased plan. This space can be used to sync and upload content from your phone.

    8. How Does JioCloud Work on Desktop?

    After logging in, a folder named JioCloud is created on your system. You can select which files and folders get downloaded to your desktop/laptop from your JioCloud account.

    9. How Does My Cloud Work?

    My Cloud™ Home works seamlessly with Windows® Backup, Time Machine, and your phone's camera roll. You can search for your files and remotely access them from anywhere with an internet connection.

    10. How to Recover Data from JioCloud?

    Access Trash/Recycle bin using the 'View Trash' option in app settings or on the website. Select the items you want to recover and click on 'Restore' or 'Restore All.

    11. Two Types of Cloud Backup Methods

    Cloud backup methods include continuous replication, where data changes are copied to the cloud servers, and scheduled replication, where data is copied on a set schedule.

    12. Do You Pay Monthly for Cloud Storage?

    Yes, you can choose between annual and monthly billing for various storage plans. Higher storage amounts are available with monthly billing only.

    13. How to Delete Your JioCloud Account?

    Go to the "User Profile" page on JioCloud, then to "Security" and Access, click on "Delete," and select "Yes, Delete Account" for confirmation. The account will be deleted within 30 days.

    14. Main Advantages of Cloud

    Advantages of the cloud include efficiency, cost savings, flexibility, reliability, increased performance, and innovation.

    15. Meaning of JioCloud

    JioCloud is a secure cloud storage service by Jio that offers free storage upon signing up. It provides an easy way to back up your device data, sync it with various devices under one account, and share it within your circle, business, or personal connections.

    16. How to Increase Your Cloud Storage?

    You can buy additional storage via the Google Drive app by selecting the 'Upgrade Storage' option in the settings menu.

    17. What Happens If Cloud Storage Goes Down?

    An outage is a period when a cloud service is unavailable. Users might not access apps or data, and all cloud-based apps might be unavailable.

    18. Can You Delete from Cloud Storage?

    Navigate to the objects or folders you want to delete, click the checkbox for each, and then click the 'Delete' button to remove them from cloud storage.

    The Final Scoop

    As Reliance Jio steps into the world of cloud-powered laptops, tech fans are excited to see how this could change things. With a promise of saving money, working on any device, and new subscription plans, Jio's latest idea could make fancy computing more affordable for everyone. Keep an eye out as Jio brings in the future of laptops with their cloud-powered magic.

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