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Realme Narzo 60X 5G Review

Realme Narzo 60X 5G
Realme Narzo 60X 5G

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, realme has once again raised the bar with its latest release – the Realme Narzo 60X 5G. This device, adorned in the eye-catching Stellar Green color, boasts 6GB RAM and a spacious 128GB storage capacity, ensuring you have ample space for all your digital needs. What's more, this powerful device supports up to 2TB of external memory, making it a true storage powerhouse.

    Brand and Specifications

    Brand: realm

    Network Service Provider: Unlocked for All Carriers

    Model Name: realme Marzo 60x

    Operating System: Android 13.0

    Cellular Technology: 5G

    Pricing and Availability:

    -9% off, now priced at ₹14,499, the Realme Narzo 60X 5G offers a significant discount from its M.R.P. of ₹15,999. This incredible offer makes it an even more compelling choice for users seeking top-notch features at an affordable price.

    Realme Narzo 60X 5G

    Technical Details


    Android 13.0


    6 GB

    Product Dimensions

    0.8 x 7.6 x 16.6 cm; 190 Grams


    1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

    Item model number


    Wireless communication technologies


    Connectivity technologies




    Special features

    Rear Camera, Front Camera

    Display technology


    Other display features


    Device interface - primary


    Other camera features

    Rear, Front

    Form factor



    Stellar Green

    Whats in the box

    Handset, Protactive Case, Adapter, Screen Protector, USB Cable


    OPPO Mobiles India Pvt Ltd

    Country of Origin


    Item Weight

    190 g

    Additional Information

    Realme Narzo 60X 5G

    Power-Packed Performance: 33W SUPERVOOC Charge and Massive Battery

    One of the standout features of the Realme Narzo 60X 5G is its impressive 33W SUPERVOOC Charge. Say goodbye to long charging times and hello to a device that can reach 50% battery in just 30 minutes and achieve a full charge in a mere 70 minutes. The 5000mAh massive battery ensures that you can go about your day without constantly worrying about running out of power.

    Capture Every Detail: 50MP AI Primary Camera

    Photography enthusiasts, rejoice! The Realme Narzo 60X 5G comes equipped with a 50MP AI Primary Camera, allowing you to capture high-quality images with astounding clarity. Whether you're into street photography or simply want to immortalize precious moments, this camera is designed to meet your needs.

    Realme Narzo 60X 5G

    Immersive Visuals: Fast Refresh Display

    The device features a fast refresh display that cuts down blur in animations, scrolling, and games, providing a superior user experience. With multiple levels of refresh rates, not only does the display enhance visual clarity, but it also conserves energy, allowing users to enjoy their devices for longer periods.

    Realme Narzo 60X 5G

    Limitless Memory: 128GB Storage and External Expansion

    Worried about running out of storage space? Fear not. With 128GB of internal storage, the Realme Narzo 60X 5G can accommodate a staggering 28,000+ photos, based on a 4M photo size calculation. If you're a TV series enthusiast, the 128GB memory can hold up to 450+ episodes of a 720P series with an average size of 250M. Need even more space? The device supports external memory expansion up to 2TB, ensuring you never have to compromise on your digital content.

    User-Friendly Unlocking: Side Fingerprint Sensor

    Say goodbye to awkward unlocking positions. The Realme Narzo 60X 5G offers a more comfortable unlocking experience with its side fingerprint sensor. When the phone is placed face-up on a desk, users can effortlessly unlock it without picking it up.This feature adds a layer of convenience that goes beyond the traditional back fingerprint placement.

    Realme Narzo 60X 5G

    Our Expert Team Views

    My Experience with the Stellar Green Variant:

    After using the Realme Narzo 60X 5G in the Stellar Green variant (4 GB RAM + 128 GB Storage), I can confidently say it's been a stellar experience. The camera performance is impressive, capturing moments with clarity. The overall user experience has been excellent, making it a delightful choice for daily use.

    Nebula Purple: A Charming Companion:

    Having opted for the Nebula Purple variant (6 GB RAM + 128 GB Storage), I must highlight the charm it brings to the table. The sound quality is good, and the camera consistently delivers. Notably, the phone remains cool even during extended gaming sessions, making it a charming companion for various activities.

    Thumbs-Up for Solid Performance:

    My honest take on the Realme Narzo 60X 5G is a solid thumbs-up, earning it a 4-star rating. It's proven to be a nice mobile overall, meeting my expectations in terms of performance without getting into specific details. It has become a reliable daily driver for me.

    A Month In: Real Value for Money:

    Reflecting on a month of use, I find the Realme Narzo 60X 5G to be a true value-for-money phone. The crystal-clear display is a visual treat, and features like fast charging and the promise of 5G performance contribute to an overall positive experience.

    Lag Woes and Consideration of Alternatives:

    I share an honest concern about lag and stutters, especially with the 4 GB RAM variant, resulting in a 2-star rating. My recommendation is to explore alternative options within the same price range for a smoother user experience. Transparency is key in sharing my journey with this phone.

    Simply Satisfied:

    Summing up my experience, I am genuinely happy with the Realme Narzo 60X 5G. While my review may lack intricate details, the simplicity of my satisfaction speaks volumes. It has proven to be a reliable companion in my day-to-day activities.


    Final Thought: Elevate Your Smartphone Experience with realme narzo 60X 5G

    Packed with cutting-edge features, the Realme Narzo 60X 5G stands as a testament to Realme's commitment to delivering powerful and user-friendly smartphones. From the stunning 50MP AI Primary Camera to the lightning-fast 33W SUPERVOOC Charge, this device is designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern smartphone users. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a device that seamlessly blends style, performance, and functionality – the Realme Narzo 60X 5G. Upgrade your smartphone experience today!

    Watch the Unboxing of Realme Narzo 60X 5G

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